iOS 8.3 completely stumped by basic Portguese grammar

No Definition FoundIt only took Apple until version 8.3 of iOS to add dictionary support for the 6th most spoken language in the world – Portuguese.

Except, it’s barely worthy of the word ‘dictionary’. Tapped on a plural noun? Too bad, the dictionary is baffled by pluralization. Tapped on the feminine version of an adjective? Sorry, this dictionary is masculine-only. Tapped on an inflected verb? You’re outta luck; this dictionary doesn’t think Portuguese inflects verbs.

Meanwhile, other dictionaries, for example the Spanish one, are not confused by plurals, feminine forms, or verb inflections.

I’d say nice try, but it’s not even that. It’s useless much of the time. It’s half-assed. It’s pathetic.

Why did you even bother, Apple?


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