The Future Dimmed

Like so many, my week ended on a far sadder note than I would have imagined. An event that had been foreshadowed by Nimoy himself finally arrived.

I grew up watching reruns of Star Trek and, as an aspiring young scientist (which science varied for some years; eventually I settled on astrophysics) I identified most with Mr. Spock. In that last decade and change of the Cold War, Trek’s semi-utopian – but not /too/ utopian – future captivated me. Despite not being an Earthling, Spock seemed that vision’s exemplar far more than Bones or Kirk.

Again, like many, for me there is little difference between Nimoy and Spock. Nor has he done much to avoid that blurring. Because of this, with his passing I feel less optimistic about the future.

Like the recent Trek movies, we seem to be rejecting the Trek-future/Spock rationalism in favor of increased shortsightedness and selfishness. I can’t say I blame us. In all fairness, there’s a lot to be pessimistic about and pessimism is not known for engendering clear or broad thinking.

Or maybe that’s just the situational depression talking.


2 responses to “The Future Dimmed

  1. This is indeed a sad day. Spock and Nimoy (the character and the person) have both inspired my life. That inspiration will continue. Live long and prosper, Cary.

    And how did it escape me that you are an astrophysicist?

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