Some timeless songs

Great list of classic songs.


There are some songs that have endured throughout my life. They are not necessarily pop songs, or even classics. However, I believe them to be timeless, unaffected by fashion, or trend, and I am always delighted to hear them, and for them to reflect my mood, as the best music should. Here is a small selection, and I hope that you discover something that you enjoy, or revisit an old friend.

Crazy. Written by Willie Nelson and Oliver English, in 1961, this version by Patsy Cline, from 1962, is without doubt, the definitive version of this Country classic. I hold no brief for C+W music, in fact, I generally dislike it. Still, you would have to have a hard heart, to resist the plaintive tones of Miss Cline. See for yourself.

Cry me a river. Despite many versions of this song over the years, including the recent world-wide hit by…

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