Real sourdough, finally

2013-11-08 20.01.57

Warm, sliced and awaiting the garlic butter I made to go with it.

Yesterday (Friday) morning, since I wasn’t able to get back to sleep after the gun play and subsequent sirens that occurred around 4:30, I started a loaf of real sourdough. I say ‘real’ because I made it without extra yeast. The leavening would be done only by the sourdough. I tried this once before but rushed it and ended up with only partially leavened (or unleavened, depending on how you choose to look at it) bread.


Punched down and nestled in the jerry-rigged banneton.

This time I gave it all the time it needed. After cleaning a bit I started in on this recipe that I found at the BBC’s site. Sadly the videos referenced in the article/recipe seem to have been taken down or moved and wouldn’t load for me. The recipe though is, as it says, classic and straightforward. Since I didn’t want to risk screwing it up, I reined in my urge to fiddle with the recipe (next time though there will be fiddling).

First rise commenced at 6:30am and went until I got back from lunch with my wife, which was at about half past noon. A quick knead to knock the air out of it and after rigging up a faux banneton in a bowl and proving started a bit before one. That also went about 6 hours, determined mostly by the fact that I had to teach from 5 to 6, and so got home to start the oven preheating around quarter after six.

2013-11-08 18.39.41

After proving, ready to go into the oven.

The loaf looked lovely and rose perfectly both times. My jerry-rigged banneton was adequate to the task, though I’d like to get a basket to use for this in the future. (I would also like to get a baguette pan… I really need to find a good baking supply store here.)

The result was a delicious, crusty loaf that had the perfect sourdough taste!


4 responses to “Real sourdough, finally

    • Thanks for reading and replying. 🙂

      I think it could do with a little gluten – which is probably the fault of the flour I used not the recipe itself. I’m going to try a whole wheat version next.

  1. Nothin’ like the real thing. Yum!

    Yes, the more protein/gluten, the better. Hard wheat works much better than soft wheat or all-purpose flour. You develop what gluten you have by beating some of the flour with the liquid for a while until it gets gooey, then adding the rest of the flour so you can knead it.

    • Yeah. I use a hard wheat flour, but it’s just the brand from the smallish local supermarket, I can definitely stuff better suited for bread.

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