The History of English Turns Thirty-Two

History-of-English-Podcast6Much to my delight yesterday (Saturday) morning a new episode of my favorite podcast appeared. My iPad was already downloading it and a few seconds later I was treating my brain to episode #32 of the excellent History of English Podcast.

I have already reviewed this podcast, so perhaps you’re wondering why I am posting about it again. This is indeed a good question. I’m glad you asked!

Beyond being one of the best podcasts out there this episode is a milestone – despite the having an unremarkable number (unless you a fan of binary I suppose). With this episode the earliest version of the English language is discussed. If you read my review, you know the podcast is chocked full of delicious details and historical goodies. So, while taking 32 episodes to get to talking about English directly, as opposed to its antecedents, might seem a long, tiresome road, it has been anything but that.

Congratulations to host and creator Kevin Stroud for his excellent and well-researched work as well as this milestone!


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