When An Author’s Political Beliefs Make You Angry…

“If an author’s political beliefs tick you off, do you stop reading that author’s books?”

Dysfunctional Literacy

I usually get annoyed when the political opinions of celebrities (like actors/actresses or singers) make the news.  However, I don’t mind when authors write about their political beliefs because they’re writers, and writers usually are better at expressing their opinions.  When Stephen King wrote a long essay about gun control (titled Guns), I didn’t get annoyed that he wrote about a political issue; I got annoyed that he charged money for it (not a lot of money, but still…). 

Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game and a bunch of related science fiction books) has written some political stuff that isn’t flattering to President Obama and the people who helped him get elected.  The essays (here and here) were written months ago, but are now getting media attention because Ender’s Game the movie is being released soon.  From the articles and comments sections, it sounds like potential…

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